Sudoku Solver

If you have a problem or you got stuck with solving sudoku, this site is just for you.

This site contains Sudoku Solver, a very useful application which is able to solve a sudoku puzzle step-by-step and give you an explanation of each step. The application can also generate and print sudoku. You can also solve sudoku by yourself using this solver.

Enter your puzzle below, click the "Hint!" button and get a hint for the next step with an explanation below the grid.
To enter a digit, click in the middle of the selected cell and click the corresponding button under the grid. You can also navigate between cells with the arrow keys and you can use the 0 to 9 keys to enter a digit. You can enter sudoku as a string of 81 digits (0 for a blank cell) in the "New" box and click "Import".
If you just want to see the solver in action, click the "New" button, select the difficulty level, click the "Generate" button and then click on the "Hint!" button.
You can print the puzzle by clicking the "Print" button.
You can also solve a sudoku puzzle by yourself if you want.
When the "Candidates" option is active, you can manually remove candidates by clicking on them.
When the "Solution check" option is active, each time you enter a digit, the solver checks if the puzzle is still solvable.